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About Us

Cross Genetics is the premier Medical and Recreational dispensary in Denver, Colorado. Since opening in 2013, we have helped thousands of patients throughout the state with a wide variety of debilitating conditions. We are committed to providing an excellent customer experience and top quality products.

Our Strains

From rarity to all around ideal quality of what cannabis should be, our strains vary from in house projects to some of the most sought after strains. Our top strains include Blue Dream, Nurse Jackie, GG4, Chomoto Dragon, to old favorites like Golden Goat and OG KUSH. No matter what your preference of potency, look, smell, taste or effect, we have the right strain for you. We are ever in search of the new strain that will blow you (and us) away and pride ourselves in having over 50 strains in circulation. We pride ourselves in clean practices and proper grow techniques. 

Blue Dream
Awakening your spiritual side is really what artists do. when you hit a groove, it's not you; it's the spirit world. - Tommy Chong

Alternative Medicine

If you are unfamiliar with the dispensary and cannabis purchasing culture, then you could have assumed that all strains are the same. But the 2 main species of cannabis, sativa and indica, can produce wildly different effects on the patient. Depending on the medical condition, you can do quite a bit of research to pinpoint the perfect strain for whatever you desire.

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- Stephen@cross-genetics.com

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