---Med Deals---

$12 500mg Craft oil Cartridges

$420 Live Resin OZs

$70 Flower OZs (select strains)

$8/g MoonRocks

$7 MoonRock Prerolls

25% Off all edibles
-Available at the Smith medical and Evans medical locations
-All prices are pre-tax, Available while supplies last.

---Rec Deals---

$80 Flower OZs (on 10+ strains)

$50 Shake OZs

$18/g Live Resin

$3.50 Pre-rolls

Exclusive Deals

Show to Bud tender at time of purchase

---Med Deals---

--Smith Med--

50% Off Coda 500mg Maple Pecan

50% Off Incredibles Mile Higher bar

--Evans Med--

50% Off Coda Cream and Crumble

-While supplies last-

---Rec Deals---

50% Off Coda Symphony Bath Bombs

50% Off Dixie 1:1 Cool balms

50% Off Sweetgrass 100mg Cannabutter

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